Past Mayors

Charlotte's Mayors 1890-1920

As Charlotte entered the twentieth century, the city began to grow. Charlotte began to take her place as a major distribution and finance center in the region.

During the time prior to the first World War, electric trolleys began operation in the city and Dilworth became Charlotte's first suburb. As a result, Belk Department Store opened its doors for the first time in Charlotte, and the first automobiles came to town. Find out what happened during the administration of each of the following Charlotte mayors:

R.J. Brevard 1891-1895
J.H. Weddington 1895-1897
E.B. Spring 1897-1899
J.D. McCall 1899-1901
Peter Marshall Brown 1901-1905
S.S. McNinch 1905-1907
T.S. Franklin 1907-1909
T.W. Hawkins 1909-1911
Charles A. Bland 1911-1915
T.L. Kirkpatrick 1915-1917
Frank R. McNinch 1917-1920