Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Contact: Gregg Watkins, Office of the Mayor

Mayor Jennifer Roberts announced today committee assignments for members of the Charlotte City Council. 

“After consulting with council and community partners I have selected committee members to provide a balance of perspectives across the committees and to create new leadership opportunities,” said Roberts.  “The committee members are well positioned to develop policy recommendations for the council.”

Community Safety
Julie Eiselt - chair
Al Austin - vice chair
Claire Fallon, Greg Phipps and Kenny Smith - members

Economic Development & Global Competitiveness
James Mitchell - chair
Vi Lyles - vice chair
Ed Driggs, Julie Eiselt and LaWana Mayfield - members

John Autry - chair
James Mitchell - vice chair
Claire Fallon, Patsy Kinsey and Al Austin - members

Housing & Neighborhood Development
LaWana Mayfield - chair
John Autry - vice chair
Al Austin, Ed Driggs and Patsy Kinsey - members

Transportation & Planning
Vi Lyles - chair
Patsy Kinsey - vice chair
John Autry, Greg Phipps and Kenny Smith - members

Governance & Accountability
Kenny Smith - chair
LaWana Mayfield - vice chair
John Autry and Greg Phipps - members

Intergovernmental Relations
Ed Driggs - chair
James Mitchell - vice chair
Julie Eiselt, Claire Fallon and Kenny Smith - members

Greg Phipps - chair
Ed Driggs - vice chair
Vi Lyles, LaWana Mayfield and Patsy Kinsey - members

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