Tuesday, June 21, 2011

CHARLOTTE, NC – Mayor Anthony Foxx was invited to speak with President Barack Obama about the State of American Cities and Signs of Hope. In addition to the President, Chief of Staff Bill Daley and Senior Advisor to the President Valerie Jarrett also participated in the meeting, which focused on Charlotte’s economic challenges and the efforts being made to spur economic growth, promote job creation and accelerate hiring.
Foxx outlined specific areas where improvement is needed not only in Charlotte, but throughout the nation. Those obstacles include reducing unemployment rates, increasing government revenues and assisting small businesses secure access to capital. The Mayor used local achievements to illustrate how Charlotte is overcoming these factors to successfully create jobs and spur economic growth.

Within the first quarter of 2011, Charlotte has seen the creation of 2,321 jobs and almost $128 million in investment from 268 new or expanding firms. Nationwide trends indicate that healthcare, finance and manufacturing sectors are leading employment gains, which is reflective of trends in Charlotte as well. Unlike other Cities, Charlotte’s economy continues to diversify and has an increasing presence as an energy capital. Public and private partnerships have utilized opportunities for green job growth and leveraged federal funding. In addition, the City of Charlotte has maintained AAA bond ratings, increased the size of its police force and secured the Democratic National Convention in 2012.

Watch an exclusive interview with Bob Morgan, President of the Charlotte Chamber and Mayor Anthony Foxx. The interview summarizes the Mayor’s meeting with President Obama and comments about his role as Chair of the U.S. Conference of Mayor’s Small Business Task Force and the upcoming Charlotte Chamber Inter City Visit to Seattle.