May 12, 2015
Contact: Ashley Simmons, Office of the Mayor   
704-336-3438 or 704-614-9116                                                       

Mayor Dan Clodfelter welcomed attendees of the Energy Central’s Smart Cities conference May 12. Energy Central’s Smart Cities event is the capstone for energy professionals from various utilities who are dedicated to improving quality of life and innovating marketable assets out of smart grid data technology. Those participating in the conference shared ideas on how to transform cities while simultaneously ensuring their utility’s long-term profitability and relevance in the 21st century.
“Energy is the cornerstone of the modern economy, and energy leadership reinforces prosperity,” said Clodfelter.
“We have the power to give our citizens the tools they need, not only to make our cities more prosperous, but to make our cities more sustainable and even more resilient for the generations that will follow us.”
Among those attending the conference were representatives from Energy Central, Duke Energy, UNC-Charlotte’s Epic, and Envision Charlotte, among others.
Smart Cities is an Energy Central event designed to educate utilities, solution providers and communities on the steps and paths to collaboratively develop Smart Cities in their region. Exploring the interconnections between energy and Smart Cities, topics and keynote speakers touched on growing trends and areas of focus for utilities looking to create and foster smarter communities driven by smarter energy.
Envision Charlotte’s energy program is a key example of businesses using smart data and technology to track their energy consumption, reduce their energy use, thereby lowering their energy payments. Initiatives like this one are not only smart business decisions but also greatly improve the quality of life in Charlotte.
The conference provided opportunities for Charlotte community leaders to make connections in order to revamp Charlotte’s overall energy strategy.