August 9, 2015
Contact: Ashley Simmons, Office of the Mayor   
704-336-3438 or 704-614-9116                                                       
Mayor Dan Clodfelter welcomed Charlotte Pride Week during an interfaith worship service today at Caldwell Presbyterian Church. The Charlotte Pride festival celebrates the importance of the LGBTQ community and includes vendors, music, art exhibits and plenty more starting Aug. 15 and ending Aug. 16 with a parade. Other events leading up to the festival will be held throughout the week.
The interfaith service allowed a multitude of different faiths to come together and celebrate as one, for which Mayor Clodfelter commended the community.
“It’s beautiful to have spaces where all are welcome, where we celebrate the dignity, value and worth of all people, everywhere, especially among our various houses of faith.”
"Harmony" as he refers to it was the major theme throughout Clodfelter’s remarks. He defines harmony as “different voices coming together to make a sound that has more beauty and more power than any single voice. It's what we strive for in this community. It is something greater coming out of our differences. “
Charlotte Pride has been growing every year, starting as a small event hosted by independent volunteers, to major festivities in the “heart of uptown” as Mayor Clodfelter said. It has grown to have a major parade and vast numbers of supporters participating in the fun.  Clodfelter described the pride week and its growth as “harmony at its best.”