May 6, 2014

Contact: Ashley Simmons, Office of the Mayor
(704) 336-3438

Mayor Dan Clodfelter will take a journey back through time May 11 when he opens an authentic time capsule from 1964. The capsule contains a letter written by then Mayor Stanford Brookshire and is located in front of the Park Terrace Theater. The opening of the capsule is hosted by Regal Entertainment Group and scheduled to begin at 2:00 p.m. Sunday. 
The letter was buried 50 years ago to the date and is believed to discuss the progress made by the city at that time, as well as projects Brookshire expected to be completed by 2014. A 1964 article in the Charlotte News cites that he estimated the city’s population would be one million by the time the capsule was to be opened. He also anticipated that the city would have an outer beltway.

Brookshire, who served as mayor from 1961 to 1969, was considered a champion for economic development, and was also known for encouraging local businesses to coordinate voluntary desegregation.  Prior to becoming mayor, he led the Charlotte Chamber of Commerce. 

Clodfelter said he is excited to open the capsule and reflect on the city’s progress.

“Mayor Brookshire had a clear vision for the growth of Charlotte. I look forward to reading his letter and considering how far we have come since his time in office,” said Clodfelter. “I am certain that his words will provide us with an opportunity to reflect and to also look down the road at where we will be in another 50 years.” 

Clodfelter said he is considering writing a letter to the 2064 mayor to continue the tradition.  

In addition to the opening of the time capsule, Regal Entertainment will offer a selection of 1960’s films and vintage concession prices as part of the celebration. The movie titles include “Mary Poppins,” which played at The Park Terrace for months when it first opened in 1964.