May 20, 2015
Contact: Ashley Simmons, Office of the Mayor   
704-336-3438 or 704-614-9116                            
Mayor Dan Clodfelter joined representatives of the Latin American Chamber of Commerce Wednesday to celebrate May as Small Business Month and discuss city initiatives that support Latino small business owners. During his presentation, Clodfelter highlighted international relations, small business support programs and the city’s high growth entrepreneurial strategy. Clodfelter also recognized three Latino business owners who were recently honored by the city as part of Small Business Month.
“When you think about the fact that of our immigrant population, nearly 52% is represented by those from Latin American countries, it’s clear that you all are an integral part of our business community,” said Clodfelter.
The First Lady of Guatemala, Rosa Leal de Pérez was among those attending. Mayor Clodfelter highlighted the importance of supporting and celebrating the Latino immigrant population within the business community. The Mayor also discussed several ways in which Charlotte is currently supporting the immigrant population including the Immigrant Integration Task Force, the Charlotte Business INClusio​n program, the Charlotte Community Capital Fund, the Charlotte Regional Fund for Entrepreneurs, and Charlotte Business
These initiatives target the importance of strengthening relationships with the immigrant community, the inclusion of minority and women-owned businesses in Charlotte’s economy, lending to small businesses to acquire capital, and supporting entrepreneurs and innovators within Charlotte’s community.
“As a city we are committed to celebrating your work, by empowering the Latino business owners to succeed and share their contributions and expertise throughout our community.”