March 24, 2015
Contact: Ashley Simmons, Office of the Mayor  
704-336-3438 or 704-614-9116     

CHARLOTTE, NC — Mayor Dan Clodfelter discussed the importance of the Smart City concept with the Charlotte business leaders during a community luncheon March 24 at the Westin hotel. The panel discussion defined Smart Cities, featured what is currently happening in Charlotte and how the Smart City concept benefits the city. The luncheon was part of a two-day Smart Cities Council Forum held in Charlotte.
Smart Cities gather data from devices and sensors embedded in technology and infrastructure such as roadways, power grids, buildings, and other assets. The data collected is leverage to create valuable information and offer enhanced services through digital software.
“Smart opportunities are not only critical to making Charlotte a more attractive place to live and do business, they also create jobs desired by the best and brightest talent right here within our city and from around the world,” said Clodfelter.
During the panel discussion, Mayor Clodfelter highlighted several topics:  
• Charlotte is a rapidly growing city – the city is working to grow in a smart way.
• Smart City growth is an economic development tool for Charlotte.
• Charlotte is using technology and data to inform decisions.
• Smart City growth is key to becoming a more sustainable city.
• How the Smart City concept positions CLT for success.
• Charlotte is on the world stage.
• How the Smart City concept is better for business, residents and sets Charlotte apart from other cities.
“We have the power to give our citizens the tools they need, not only to make our city more prosperous, but to make our city more sustainable and even more resilient for the generations that will follow us,” said Clodfelter. “It’s through collaboration that we can and will enhance livability, workability and sustainability as we build better systems that interact and communicate with one another in unprecedented ways.”