August 1, 2013

Contact: Al Killeffer
(704) 336-3438

Charlotte, NC — Judge Ervin’s ruling today reaffirms the City of Charlotte’s continued control over daily operations and management of Charlotte Douglas International Airport. Granting this injunction further demonstrates the nature of this flawed legislation.

It would be irresponsible to be dismissive or cavalier about compliance with Federal Aviation Administration regulations and financial implications of this highly complex and unique piece of legislation. We must take care not to put any aspect of the Airport at risk. Today’s ruling provides an opportunity to further understand the legal complexities surrounding the Airport’s operations.

We want to thank the City’s legal team for their hard work, led by City Attorney Bob Hagemann along with Robert Orr of the law firm of Poyner Spruill and Jim Phillips of Brooks Pierce.

The Council and I remain steadfastly confident in the Airport leadership team and CLT employees. Brent Cagle and the Airport leadership team will continue to sustain operations and implement best practices as recommended in the Airport Governance Study.

We are confident that Airport employees will continue to provide their standard high level of service. The many successes enjoyed by Charlotte Douglas are due to their hard work and commitment.