Tuesday, January 27, 2015
Contact: Sandy D'Elosua, Corporate Communications & Marketing            Contact: Ashley Simmons, Mayor's Office
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Charlotte,  NC - Google has announced that Charlotte has been selected to receive Google Fiber, an Internet and TV service that provides Internet speeds up to one gigabit per second.
"We are very pleased Google will be deploying the ultra-high-speed fiber network here in Charlotte," said Mayor Dan Clodfelter. "The city is committed to working with all companies that seek to offer advanced infrastructure to serve our residents and businesses. We look forward to partnering with Google as they bring this exciting new service to our vibrant, globally-connected community."
In February, Google announced it would work with 34 cities in nine metro areas to explore bringing Google Fiber to those communities. Each city underwent a vetting process that included checklist completion detailing information related to city infrastructure and construction permitting processes to identify the feasibility of providing the Internet and TV service to that area. Based on this, Google determined that Charlotte was capable of becoming a viable market for its service.
"We are here because of the hard work, passion and commitment of the city and its leaders," said Kevin Lo, director of business operations for Google Fiber. "The next chapter of the Internet will be written at gigabit speeds. These new networks will lay the foundation for a wave of innovation and economic growth. Charlotte is the perfect city to show us what's possible, and we can't wait to see what Charlotte will do with Fiber."
Over the next few months, Google will be working with city leaders to complete a detailed design of a fiber network and obtain the necessary permits to begin construction. Approximately 6,000 miles of high-speed fiber optic cable and infrastructure will be installed around Charlotte, making residences within the city limits eligible to receive the service. The city will be making every effort to minimize disruption during construction and installation, which is expected to take approximately 24 months.
Once construction is complete, Google Fiber will initiate a sign-up process for area residents interested in the service. To learn more about Google Fiber in Charlotte, visit To view the official announcement from Google, visit ​