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Our Mission

Help employees thrive by integrating the City of Charlotte’s DE&I strategy of upward mobility and inclusiveness and provide equitable access to learning and development opportunities, comprehensive benefits plans, and competitive compensation, that meet the unique and changing needs of the workforce throughout the stages of their career life cycle.

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Offices are virtually open

Monday - Friday 8 am - 5 pm.

All job applications are submitted online.

Computer kiosks are not currently available for job applications in the Human Resources Department reception area.

Fax employment verification requests to 704-335-4091.

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Who We Are

The city of Charlotte Human Resources Department provides recruitment, selection, compensation, benefits, performance management, payroll processing, human resources management systems, organizational learning and development, employee relations, work-life and diversity programs to the organization’s departments, employees and managers. Human Resources has 47 staff members.

What We Do

  • Support the organization by managing change, designing and implementing organizational development efforts and fostering a positive and inclusive work environment through increased DE&I awareness and education.

  • Lead workforce development programs to provide career academy, apprenticeship, and internship opportunities to increase upward mobility

  • Provide a comprehensive portfolio of compensation, benefits, designed to promote economic mobility, health and financial well-being for employees, retirees and their eligible dependents.

  • Provide a dynamic learning and education environment that aligns with the city’s vision and values

  • Develop, deploy, and ensure compliance with Human Resources-related city policies and practices, while continuously reviewing policies and practices through a DE&I lens

  • Manage applicant and employment data, records, and oversee payroll administration

  • Establish a One Charlotte HR model that recognizes the uniqueness of each city department while also providing uniform best practices across departments.

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