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Housing Locational Policy

The Affordable Housing Location Guidelineshelp guide the selection of housing investments that create or preserve affordable rental housing and workforce rental housing in areas:

- Near employment centers,

- Near commercial, recreational, and social centers,

- Near existing and proposed transit services,

- In Center City, and

- In neighborhoods experiencing rapid demographic change.


Pursuant to the adopted guidelines, each applicable multi-family rental development seeking local, state, or federal funding shall undergo site scoring to evaluate the following:

  • Proximity – Evaluates the proximity of the proposed development to transit services and various amenities.
  • Income Diversity – Evaluates the unit mix of the proposed development and overall income level of the surrounding community.
  • Access – Evaluates access to jobs based on commute times by transit and automobile.
  • Neighborhood Change – Evaluates change that is currently occurring in the community in which the proposed development is located or that is projected to do so.


The following multi-family developments shall be exempt from these guidelines:

  • All 9% Low Income Housing Tax Credit developments awarded by the North Carolina Housing Finance Agency
  • Developments for senior citizens or the disabled
  • Any multi-family rental development with less than 24 units


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