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The Housing Trust Fund

2022: 20th Anniversary of the Housing Trust Fund

This year, the Great Neighborhoods Committee will analyze the Housing Trust Fund, including reviewing the strengths of the program over its 20-year history, identifying areas for improvement, and discussing how things may be done differently as Charlotte changes and grows.

The Housing Trust Fund has allowed us to build and preserve thousands of affordable units over the last 20 years. We will continue to work with all our partners in the public, private, and nonprofit sectors to ensure that Charlotte residents will continue to have safe, quality, affordable places for the next 20 years and beyond.

Accomplishments 2002-2022

A graphic of homes representing housing trust fund developments for each level of area median income.

Lessons Learned

Affordable Housing Innovations

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This development has set not only a local standard for supportive housing, but also has garnered regional and national attention for its success.

Looking Ahead