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HouseCharlotte Program

Program Features:

The HouseCharlotte program provides 5-year,10-year, or 15-year deferred, forgivable loans to qualified applicants. Funds can be used for downpayment, closing cost or interest rate buy down.

  • Funding up to $7​,500 for families with income above 80% Area Median Income (AMI), up to 110% AMI in certain locations.
  • Funding up to $10,000 for families with income at or below 80% AMI
  • Funding up to $10,000 for Public Service Employees with household income at or below 80% AMI purchasing within Charlotte City limits.
  • Funding up to $17,000 for families with income at or below 80% AMI in select high cost Neighborhood Profile Areas.


  • Families with incomes that are 110% or less of the HUD AMI are eligible for assistance.
  • Participants must complete a pre-purchase homebuyer education program.
  • The home must be a family's primary residence and be located in one of designated within the City of Charlotte limits.
  • Maximum purchase price of home is $200,000.
  • Maximum purchase price is $230,000 for New Construction properties


For more information, visit, call 704-705-3999 or email

Learn more about the HouseCharlotte Program at

Community Heroes Homeownership Program

The City of Charlotte, in partnership with Federal Home Loan Bank of Atlanta, is proud to offer the Community Heroes Homeownership Program, a program for local first responders and public school teachers that will provide them with up to $30,000 in down payment assistance for the purchase of a home in Mecklenburg County.


  1. Law enforcement officers
  2. Firefighters
  3. Other first responders (MEDIC, EMT, etc.)
  4. Public School Teachers

*Eligible buyers must have household incomes of 80.01% - 110% of the Area Median Income.

Applications will open November 18, 2019. For more information, visit or call 704-705-3999.


For General Program Information, Loan Submission Process and Requirements
The Housing Partnership HouseCharlotte Team

For Lender Registration and Post Closing Account Services
 Housing & Neighborhood Services
Ron Mason

House Charlotte Quick Info

​HouseCharlotte loans can be subordinated; traditional refinance and FHA Streamline refinance under the following conditions:

  • For rate and term only
  • Cash-Out is not allowed
  • Consolidation of debts are not allowed
  • Repayments of unsecured debts are not allowed 

Lenders should submit the following information in their request for subordination:

  • Letter on company letterhead of your request for subordination
  • Reasons for request 
  • Borrower(s) name and address
  • New loan terms and payment details
  • Old loan terms and payment details
  • Name of the trustee for the first lien-holder
  • Name and address of closing attorney
  • Appraisal (if ordered)
  • Proposed HUD-1 Settlement Statement
  • Indication of pick-up method (in-person or registered mail)

Please allow 5-7days for processing.  Lenders will receive written notice of approval and closing instructions.

​Note: Collection of the documents below may require authorization for release of information from the seller.

When submitting a Short Sale request, the following documentation is required. It is important to note the collection of these documents may require an authorization for release of information from the seller, buyer or lending agency.

  • First mortgage reduced payoff letter (mortgage company letterhead)
  • First mortgage loan payoff statement 
  • Documentation stating that the net funds received from the sale of the property will not be sufficient to pay off the existing first mortgage; or itemized schedule of costs showing losses
  • First mortgagee approval of or letter that the first lien holder is considering the Short Sale (mortgage company letterhead)
  • Copy of appraisal, property evaluation or comparable analysis
  • Purchase contract for the sale of the subject property (copy)
  • Evidence of how long the property has been on the market
  • HUD -1 Approval of Short Sale (when applicable)- or loan closing disclosure with closing estimates
  • Hardship explanation from borrower

After staff has reviewed the above documentation a reduction in principle will be considered. In the circumstance of an investor purchaser, the City will consider up to a 25% principle reduction of the outstanding principle balance. If it is a homeowner to homeowner short sale transaction the City will consider up to a 50% principle reduction of the outstanding principle balance. The reduction of interest and fees will be considered on a case by case basis and based on staff's review.

This effort aligns with The Community Letter - Charlotte City Council's adopted actions in response to the community. Visit:

  • Increased Loan Funding

  • Expanded Eligibility Map