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Emergency Repair

Safe Home Emergency Repair

The Safe Home Emergency Repair Program is designed to address immediate threats to the health and safety of residents of single-family housing which resulted from a system failure. Funding is provided in the form of a grant to the homeowner, and no liens or deed restrictions are placed on the property.

Requirements for designation as an emergency repair
  • The system failure occurred within three days of the application date
  • System failures are limited to the failure of an HVAC system (November-March), gas leaks, broken or defective water or sewer lines, electrical system failure, septic tank failure, and other events outside of the control of the owner which render the unit uninhabitable.
  • The system failure can be isolated and repaired within 10 days of the Inspector's Certification
  • The cost to make the Emergency Repair does not exceed $7,500, based on contractor bids

Emergency repair eligibility requirements

  • The applicant is a owner/occupant of the dwelling unit to be repaired and the property is located within the City limits
  • Homeowner does not have sufficient cash on hand to complete the repair
  • Homeowner provides a completed Application / Self-Certification form

How do I apply?
Contact Alexis McDaniels at 704-336-7844 to get prequalified.

Then what happens?
A project manager will call to discuss the program, contractors will come to give quotes on the work, and the City proceeds with having the work done.