Equity, Mobility & Immigrant Integration

Diverse group of people

Office of Equity, Mobility and Immigrant Integration

The mission of the Office of Equity, Mobility and Immigrant Integration is to proactively address the inequitable investment and development of our community through innovative, collaborative strategies.

The City of Charlotte's Office of Equity, Mobility and Immigrant Integration (EMII) is tasked with the operational implementation of recommendations captured in three distinct reports: the 2015 Immigrant Integration Task Force report, facets of the 2017 Leading on Opportunity report and the 2018 Assessment of the City of Charlotte's Efforts on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion.


1. Collaborate with City Departments to ensure system wide commitment to equity

  • Review policies, practices and procedures using equity tools
  • Assess current work in this area and its impact
  • Encourage collaboration across all departments on initiatives to advance equity
  • Pilot and sustain opportunities to advance equity amongst all stakeholder sub-groups (LGBTQ, English as a second language, ethnic minorities, etc.)

2. Catalyze efforts to advance equity, economic mobility, and immigrant integration

  • Strategic community investment
  • Incentivize collaboration and leverage resources
  • Leadership development and information sharing