Code Enforcement

​​​ Sign Ordinance

Save your business time and money! Before you display or install a sign at your business location, make sure your sign complies with the City of Charlotte's Sign Ordinance. Owners of signs that violate the ordinance are subject to citations and penalties.  Signs are restricted in the following locations: 

  • Within any public rights-of​-way or on public property
  • Within 11 feet of the edge of the pavement of any road, street or alley
  • On any post, pole, tree, tree stake or guard, shrub, fire hydrant or anything else within 11 feet of the public right-of-way 

Code Enforcement Division personnel or their designees have the authority to summarily remove any notice, sign or written material found in violation of the above. 


  • $100 per sign

Report a sign violation online
Read the City Sign Ordinance pertaining to signs within public rights-of-way and on public property. 

The information provided here is intended as a brief overview of what businesses should know before they install or display a sign. For more details and to ensure compliance, refer to the Charlotte Zoning Ordinance at