Code Enforcement


The City's graffiti program emphasizes anti-graffiti education, ordinance enforcement, and prevention. For more information, please read the graffiti ordinance. (Chapter 10)

Report graffiti
Report graffiti by email​submit your request online​, call 311 or use the MyCharlotte app.  Most graffiti on public property can be removed within 48 hours.  Removal from private property may take longer since property owners must be notified.

Gangs and Graffiti
Gangs often use graffiti to mark areas in which they operate.  The Code Enforcement Division​ works closely with the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department (CMPD)​ to identify gang-related graffiti and map the area where specific gangs operate.  This information keeps officers up to date on which gangs are operating in a particular area and what problems may arise.  

Man pressure washing graffiti from wall