Minimum Housing Code

​​Minimum Housing Code

The City of Charlotte Housing Code requires homeowners and landlords to maintain their homes/ properties to a minimum standard.  The code may also be applied to abandoned commercial structures.  

Code inspectors check dwellings to ensure the structure meets the minimum standards prescribed by the ordinance​.  Violations can range from repairable situations, such as broken windows, to major structural integrity issues.  Based on the estimated cost of repairs to the structure, inspectors will issue an order to either repair or demolish a structure.  If demolition of a structure is ordered, the owner has the opportunity to make repairs.

Read the Housing Ordinance (Chapter 11)
View Housing Code cases


Inspection Process
  • A Code Enforcement inspector will request an inspection of the structure within three business days, following a complaint.
  • The inspector will contact the property owner with the inspection results.
  • In addition, the owner and complainant will be notified of scheduled hearings regarding the property.

Tenants who believe minimum housing code violations exist in their home should call 311 to request an inspection.

Housing code violations require submission of a petition​.  Print and complete the petition​ and mail to the address at the bottom of the petition.​​​

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