Service Areas

​Community Engagement Service Area Teams

Community Engagement Service Area Teams are assigned to four areas and work directly with citizens, neighborhood and business associations, civic groups, and other community organizations to assist communities with project implementation and area revitalization. This allows us to develop meaningful relationships in the community and understand the unique characteristics and needs of each community served. Teams provide support to communities and coordinate resources to address a wide range of issues by: 

  • Advocacy.  As advocates for Charlotte communities, Community Engagement Service Area Teams seek to maintain a balance between meeting the needs of both the city and individual neighborhoods.
  • Coordination. To improve the quality of life in Charlotte neighborhoods, Teams engage in a significant amount of coordination efforts to align City resources, projects, and initiatives with community needs. 
  • Information. Teams provide information about available programs and services directly to individual citizens and neighborhood groups and help facilitate connections where possible.
  • Problem Solving. Teams work with neighborhood and community groups to empower them to develop and implement solutions that create positive change.
Community Engagement Service Area Teams:


Map of Charlotte detailing Community Engagement Service Areas ​​​