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City of Charlotte JumpStart Community Safety Micro-Grant Project


The purpose of the JumpStart Safety Micro-Grant is to provide small programming grants to community based organizations to help jumpstart efforts around the following themes:

  • Conflict Resolution & Mediation
  • Crime Fighting & Prevention
  • Opportunities for Youth and/or Parents
  • Family Stability
  • Addressing Racial Segregation

Non-profit and community organizations may submit applications for grants up to $1,000 per project, up to $50,000 allocated per JumpStart Micro-Grant cycle.

Additionally, as part of this grant program, the City and non-profit partners will offer support and capacity building training to ensure that the efforts seeded by these grants may be sustained into the future.


Award & Categories


  • $500 (one time event)
  • $1000 (small project)


Crime Fighting & Prevention

  • Career training + opportunities for returning citizens
  • Safety and security
  • Addressing gun violence
  • Restorative Justice programs and activities

Conflict Mediation

  • Anti bullying and/or anti-harassment trainings and activities
  • Conflict resolution training
  • Activities that promote peace, non-violent communication and/or conflict de-escalation

Family Stability

  • Nutrition and food security
  • Access to Affordable Housing
  • Access to Public Transportation

Addressing Racial Segregation

  • Actions that reduce barriers and build relationships among diverse groups of people
  • Community education on impact of segregation in housing and education
  • Trainings and workshops to increase community engagement on current issues

Opportunities for Youth + Parents

  • Projects that support caregivers
  • Out of school college and career experiences for youth 14-21
  • School to community connections for families in under performing schools



  • Organizations must serve a public good within the City of Charlotte
  • Organizations must have an annual operating budget less than $75,000
  • Projects must be connected to the CEI themes as listed above
  • Must have attended a pre-application workshop


Selection Process and Considerations

  1. All potential grantees must create a profile in Foundant
  2. Submit a Letter of Intent (LOI) by September 27
  3. If invited to apply, potential grantees must attend a pre-application/grant writing workshop
  4. Complete an application & submit project budget by October 25
  5. Applications will be reviewed by a selection committee and grantees will be notified by early November
  6. Grantees will attend an orientation session, sign a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) and receive their grant*
  7. Projects must be completed and grantees must submit a short report and receipts by May 29*
  8. Grantees must participate in 2 capacity building trainings provided by the City*

*Failure to complete these steps may result in future grant applications not being considered.  The organization may also be asked to return their grant dollars. 

The JumpStart Community Safety Microgrant Team will prioritize projects that are:

  • Inclusive: meaningfully engaging key stakeholders – thoughtfully identifying those needed to create the intended change and including those directly affected by the problem
  • Collaborative: a true joint effort, with partners willing to share ownership and decision-making as they pursue an innovation together
  • Resourceful: using existing resources and assets creatively to make the most of what a community already has
  • Innovative: leads to a community innovation - a breakthrough in addressing a community need or opportunity that is more effective, equitable, or sustainable than existing approaches

Additionally, the JumpStart program is, in essence, a violence prevention and community safety initiative.  Priority will be place on programming and opportunities in the Beatties Ford/LaSalle, I-85/Sugar Creek, Central/Sharon Amity, and Nations Ford/Arrowood corridors. 


Letter of Intent (LOI)

The process of applying for a JumpStart Grant begins with submitting a Letter of Intent.  The letter of intent lets our selection committee review concepts for funding, saves times and effort, and helps streamline eligible grantees.  The Letter of Intent is short, to the point, and illustrates the program and impact of a potential project.

Interested organizations are invited to submit a brief LOI via this form by Sept. 27, 2019.  Following review of the LOI, organizations may be invited to submit a full proposal. Please note, funding is not guaranteed, and submission of a LOI does not guarantee an invitation for a full proposal.


Grant Writing Workshops

Grant writing workshops will be held to walk organizations who have been invited to apply for the JumpStart Grant through the grant writing process and answer any questions about the process and program.  All invited potential grantees must attend one session. 

Workshop Dates:

  • 10/8/19, 6:00pm-8:00pm (online)
  • 10/10/19 6:00pm-8:00pm, Belmont Center (700 Parkwood Ave)



The JumpStart Community Safety Micro-Grant program will offer 6 trainings per grant cycle to increase the capacity of small grassroots organizations.  These trainings will be free and open to the public, and will require registration.  Grantees are required to attend 2 trainings


To Apply

  1. Navigate here
  2. Create a new account or login to existing account
  3. From the top menu select APPLY
  4. Scroll down the 2019 JumpStart Micro-Grant and click the blue APPLY button
  5. Fill out the Letter of Intent portion of the application

For more information, please email or call 704-336-2175. 

To better streamline our process and to make sure everyone is receiving the same information, applications are only being taken through our Foundant system online. 


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