Neighborhood Matching Grants

​​​​​​​Neighborhood Matching Grants Frequently Asked Questions

NMG program eligibility is determined by evaluating both the organization type and the neighborhood Median Tax Value (MTV). Eligible Organization Types-please see page 11 of the ​program guidelines for applicable criteria for these organization types for NMG program purposes. 

  • Neighborhood Associations and Homeowners Associations- organized groups of residents in a specifically defined area working together to support their neighborhood.

  • Neighborhood Coalitions- organized groups of nearby neighborhood organizations formally associated to improve their area.  

Eligible Geography – Geographic eligibility is based on Median Tax Value (MTV).  Using the City’s Quality of Life study Neighborhood Profile Area (NPA) geographies, the program provides two eligibility tiers for Charlotte neighborhoods with Median Tax Values (MTV) of up to $181,703. Review geographic eligibility for your neighborhood​.

Maximum grant value is determined based on the applying organization’s eligibility tier​.

  • Tier I: MTV up to $104,110.  Neighborhood organizations can apply for up to $25,000 per application, with no maximum per year; Coalitions can apply for up to $25,000 per application not to exceed $25,000 per fiscal year.
  • Tier II: MTV between $104,111 and $181,703.  Neighborhood organizations can apply for up to $10,000 per application, with no maximum per year; Coalitions can apply for up to $10,000 per application not to exceed $25,000 per fiscal year

Organizations in areas outside of the Tier I and Tier II designated areas are encouraged to contact our office  to review individual neighborhood eligibility.  ​

​The program provides matching grant funding to eligible neighborhood-based organizations for projects that improve community quality of life.  Because each neighborhood is unique, the program offers neighborhoods the opportunity to choose which project is right for them.  

Projects should be selected through collaboration of neighborhood residents and must provide benefit to the community overall. Visit the Neighborhood Matching Grants Project Opportunities page to review a list of project possibilities or contact the neighborhood liaison for your area to review additional opportunities.

​Yes! Neighborhood matching grants can provide funding for your National Night out, Community Day, Back to School event or other neighborhood festival for up to two years.

  • During the event’s first year, organizations may apply for up to $5,000 in funding
  • The second year, organizations may apply for up to $3,000 in funding
  • Special event funding is limited to one 2-year allocation per neighborhood and/or event. The same event may not be funded by multiple neighborhoods.
  • Neighborhood organizations with ongoing events who have not previously received special event funding may apply for the second year funding allocation.

There are a few items NMG funds cannot be used for; please take a look at them on page 3 of the program guidelines when you start planning your event.

​Yes! Neighborhoods within the Tier I Program Geography can apply for funding for improve existing property or features including private infrastructure, parking areas, community centers, mailboxes, trash receptacles & enclosures, fencing and façade improvements. ​

​Yes!  Exterior curb appeal enhancements are eligible for organizations within the Tier I Program Geography.  Properties must be strategically selected by the community and should be in highly visible areas or areas of greatest need that may serve as a catalyst for additional improvement. Eligible projects are: paint, shutters, house numbers and mailboxes.  The grant program will support the purchase of materials but does not fund contractors, applicable labor may be included as part of the required match. ​​

​Yes!  If your organization can demonstrate an achievable work plan within your application, you can apply for multiple eligible projects in one application.​

​To ensure adequate resource for all applicants the following items are ineligible for funding through the Neighborhood Matching Grants Program:

  • Annual plants (perennial plants are permitted)
  • Entertainment (Dj’s bands, clowns)
  • Entrance fees
  • Operating expenses (rent, utilities, salaries, maintenance bills, insurance)
  • Personal use items
  • Raffles/giveway items
  • Projects previously funded through the NMG program
  • Projects that duplicate existing public or private programs
  • Food & beverages (unless determined to be an integral component of an educational program)


A matching grant means your organization will match the value of grant funds provided at a rate of 1:1.  This match can be satisfied through volunteer hours or a combination of volunteer hours, cash and/or in-kind donations. A minimum of 50% of requested funds must be matched through volunteer hours.  

For example, if applying for $4,000 in grant funds your organization would match $2,000 through volunteer time which is valued at $23.07 per hour. The remaining $2,000 could be matched through additional volunteer time, cash match from the applying or a partner organization and/or in-kind donation of items or services.  

Your organization can start meeting your match now!  Up to 20 hours of related, pre-application community engagement activities can be counted towards your final match with the submission of completed Volunteer Sign In sheets.  ​

Applications are considered by the NMG Review Committee, projects that receive 60 points or greater out of a possible 100 points are approved.  Scoring is reviewed based on the scoring criteria provided on page 6 of the program guidelines.  

Applicants should allow approximately 7 weeks from time of application for a decision to be made.  Grant funded activities may not begin until the grant contract is signed.   ​

​Neighborhood and business organizations may apply to attend the N&BS Neighborhood Board Retreat held twice annually in February and July.  Retreat participants receive assistance planning and prioritizing community goals.  

NMG eligible organizations can receive a $1,500 credit toward a future Neighborhood Matching Grant request.  To receive the credit participants must submit a completed Idea Development Guide along with their NMG application.  The grant credit should be included as an in-kind donation on the budget worksheet.  Board Retreat credits expire approximately 1 year from the date of retreat attendance.    

Interested neighborhoods may also contact their neighborhood liaison for project planning assistance.  ​