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Accessible funding for small businesses

The Charlotte Community Capital Fund is an innovative public/private fund established in 2003 to assist small businesses with gaining access to capital. The City partnered with various other major corporations and foundations to provide a 85% loan guaranty for business loans made by our participating lending partners Self-Help and The Support Center. As such, the Fund enables Self-Help to use more flexible underwriting guidelines than that of traditional lenders. Therefore, businesses that are eligible for financing through the Fund typically would not be able to secure that same financing from a traditional bank.

Small businesses drive innovation and are an important source of employment and economic mobility for Charlotte area families. Yet for many small businesses, accessing capital can be a challenge.
The Charlotte Community Capital Fund (CCCF) makes it easier for many small businesses to secure a loan. CCCF is not itself a lender, but provides financial assistance by guaranteeing up to 85% of the loan amount.

How It Works in Real Life

Your business wants to borrow money for growth, expansion, hiring, acquisition, etc. You go to your bank or credit union and apply for a loan. Your bank tells you that you don’t have enough collateral (assets to secure the loan), so they are unable to give you a loan.

Instead of giving up on your dream, contact CCCF. CCCF can guaranty up to 85% of your loan amount, meaning you don’t need as much collateral to qualify for a loan. It’s really that simple. 

Underwriting Guidelines

CCCF is a loan guarantee fund, not a grant. CCCF is also not itself a lender. The Fund helps small businesses access capital by guaranteeing up to 85% of a loan amount. To do this, CCCF partners with two lenders: Self-Help and Carolina Small Business Development Fund. These two lenders can underwrite and originate loans with limited collateral by using CCCF as a guaranty. These lenders provide favorable rates and terms and flexible underwriting.

Fund Supporters

The Charlotte Community Capital Fund has many supporters that believe in fostering small business growth. Bank of America, Wells Fargo, PNC Bank, Foundation for the Carolinas, and others have joined the City of Charlotte in contributing to the Fund. These partners have made it possible for CCCF to continue its 15+ year legacy of assisting Charlotte-area small businesses access capital.


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