Charlotte Business INClusion

 CBI Advisory Committee

​Under City Manager Marcus D. Jones' leadership, the City of Charlotte is working to focus its efforts on City Council's economic development objectives. To further this initiative and to ensure that the City is providing economic opportunities to everyone in the community, City Council established the Charlotte Business INClusion Advisory Committee (CBIAC) in January 2017.

The Committee's responsibilities include:

  • Reviewing Minority, Women, Small Business Enterprise (MWSBE) utilization and participation on City contracts
  • Providing recommendations and advice to City Council on ways the City can enhance diversity and inclusion of MWSBEs in City contracting and procurement
  • Providing a forum for CBI stakeholders to raise issues and have input into CBI policy recommendations
  • Advising the City of business community conditions that may affect business-government relations
  • Serving on future City Disparity Study Advisory Committees

The CBIAC will work closely with the City Council's Economic Development Committee. This committee is working to provide access to job training and employment opportunities for residents, promote the development of targeted business districts and foster economic success for everyone in the community.

 Committee Members

Stephane Berwald (Chairperson)
Edison P. Cassels (Vice Chair)
Marvin Reyes
Walter Baucom III
Gregory S. Williams
Steven A. Bimbo
Shobha Rajpal
Vilma Betancourt
William D. Stricker
Christopher Socha
Tiffani A. Teachey
Yeferson E. Ovalle Uruena
James D. Clayton
Gary L. Young II
Vinroy E. Reid