Landscape Management


Landscape Management’s landscape operations group maintains more than 1,500 acres of landscaping across more than 200 city properties, including operational, administrative and community facilities; vacant parcels; nearly 1,000 medians; and six public spaces (Arequipa Park, Crescent Park, Five Points Public Plaza, The Green at Prosperity Village, The Ritz at Washington Heights and Thomas Polk Park). All other parks are owned and managed by Mecklenburg County Park & Recreation.​​​

The group also installs new landscaping and controls excessive vegetation growth. 

Commonly Asked Questions

No. Some streets are privately maintained and some are maintained by the North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT)​. ​​​​​

​City-maintained medians outside the I-277 loop are mowed at a minimum of every 14 days. Medians inside Center City are maintained every 7 days.​

According to City Ordinance No. 9151​, "Public rights of way shall mean land that is dedicated or otherwise legally established for public use." Refer to the diagram below for areas of owner vs. city responsibility.

By City Codeproperty owners are responsible to maintain grass, shrubs and other vegetation to the edge of any street adjacent to their property.​ ​Landscape Management provides vegetation control around fixed City assets like guardrails where appropriate.

Call 311 to report sight obstructions or submit a request online​

​By City Code,​ property owners are responsible for maintaining vegetation so that it does not obstruct the safe passage of pedestrians or motor vehicles.