Landscape Management


Did you know you’re supposed to maintain grass and vegetation all the way to the street?

As Charlotte's population continues to grow, new developments, roads and infrastructure are being built to meet the city's changing needs. If you own property in the city limits of Charlotte, you should be aware of your responsibilities when it comes to maintaining grass and vegetation. The City of Charlotte has laws (through the City Code of Ordinances) to ensure the safety of pedestrians, cyclists and motorists, and to help maintain property values and community pride. 
City code requires that property owners are responsible to maintain grass and vegetation all the way to the curb. Grass should be less than 12 inches tall, and vegetation can’t block pedestrians, cyclists or motorists. Fines start at $150 for violations. ​

​What do​es the City code say?

Sections of the Charlotte Code of Ordinancesthat address owners' responsibility for maintaining vegetation are listed below. Each item is hyperlinked to the specific section.


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​What areas am I responsible for maintaining?

  • Planting strips - the strip of grass between the sidewalk and the street ​

  • ​​Areas between owner-installed fencing and the street

  • Back yards, side yards and berms (an artificial ridge or embankment ) that are adjacent to any street

​The City maintains certain areas such as around underpasses of state roads and public rights of way where the City has built guardrails, fences or other physical barriers.​

Not sure what you're responsible for?

Call Landscape Management at 704-336-​4262 (7 a.m.-4 p.m. Mon.-Fri) to speak with a staff member.

This graphic illustrates areas the City is responsible for maintaining versus property owners. Individual parcels may vary.​​Right of way diagram

​Common​ areas of owner responsibility​

​​Property owners whose homes back up to a street are responsible to maintain vegetation all the way to the street, and it must be kept less than 12 inches high.​​
Maintaining berms and wooded areas like these ​are the responsibility of the property owner.

wooded lot

wooded lot


​​Maintaining the planting strip on the other side of owner-installed fencing or walls are the responsibility​​ of the property owner.​
right of way with wall


planting strip with fencing

owner-installed wall near sidewalk

brick wall along sidewalk