General Services

General Services employees

​About General Services

The Department of General Services employs almost 700 people and comprises five divisions,


  • Designs and constructs capital infrastructure projects

  • Maintains and sustains public facilities and grounds

  • Reviews services for private development

Reduces municipal and citywide carbon emissions through actions set out in the Strategic Energy Action Plan (SEAP)

  • Provides care and maintenance for the City of Charlotte's street trees

  • Provides safe, best-value, enterprise-wide fleet and equipment management and service

  • Manages the acquisition and disposition of real estate, goods and services through competitive processes

  • Administers the Charlotte Business INClusion (CDI) program by certifying minority, women and small business enterprises (MWSBEs)

  • Monitors MWSBE inclusion goals

  • Repairs the storm drainage system to reduce flood risks and protect the traveling public

  • Ensures stormwater runoff is as clean as possible to protect surface waters

​Department Statistics

40,000 feet of stormwater infrastructure rehabilitated or installed

7,300 vehicles and equipment units maintained for City and County

64,000 canopy trees planted in the past five years

3.4 million square feet maintained in 343 facilities

​Leadership team

General Services' employees operate under the direction of a leadership team consisting of the Department Director, City Engineer, Deputy Directors and Division Managers. The Communications, Technology Services, Budget & Finance, Human Resources and Project Process Managers also participate in the leadership team. Executive leadership makes strategic decisions, while Division Managers and Managers oversee ​day-to-day operations.​​​