Tree Canopy Preservation

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​The Urban Arboretum Trail (UAT) is a partnership between the city's Tree Canopy Preservation Program and the city's Placemaking Program. The UAT will create or preserve canopy in more rapidly developing areas of Charlotte seeing significant tree loss. A pilot project developed for UAT will identify and repurpose underused City parcels or excess right-of-way and acquire properties in areas of Charlotte with canopy loss to create educational stops along a forest-focused walkable or bikeable trail. View the trail's proposed site plan, plant palette and amenities.

Arboretum public space and trail goals

  • Tree canopy preservation

  • Open space

  • Community placemaking

  • Connecting our places

  • Reclaiming our wood waste

  • Educating our community

Put yourself on the trail!

This link can be accessed from a browser or email. Google Maps will take you to a view of the trail and provide the opportunity to see where you are in relationship to the trail.

Urban Arboretum Trail study area