Tree Canopy Preservation


​In 2013 the City of Charlotte partnered with the Catawba Lands Conservancy to acquire the McPherson property and place it under a conservation easement. This project conserved approximately 14 acres of existing Piedmont floodplain forest in South Charlotte along the McAlpine Greek Greenway corridor, an important part of the Carolina Thread Trail. The South Charlotte location was ideal since, at the time of purchase, most of the fees collected for the Tree Ordinance Mitigation Fund were related to projects located in South Charlotte. 
The McPherson property contains a mixture of bottomland mesophytic tree species including green ash, red maple, American elm, hackberry, black walnut, cottonwood, sweetgum and sycamore. This property helped provide an additional 14 acres of contiguous floodplain forest directly adjacent to over 40 acres of McAlpine Creek Greenway, but is not open to the public. ​​​