Tree Canopy Preservation


​In 2017 the City of Charlotte partnered with Catawba Lands Conservancy on the Tree Canopy Preservation Program’s largest acquisition to date, acquiring five properties of approximately 93 acres and placing them under a conservation easement. The five protected properties largely consist of timbered lands with a smaller component of hardwood and riparian forest areas untouched by logging activity. Timbered areas include plantings of loblolly pine with an occasional Virginia pine mixed in.  Hardwood and riparian areas are made up of American beech, sweetgum, white oak, red oak, red maple, sycamore, green ash, tulip poplar, cottonwood and eastern red cedar. Doe Creek represents a large net tree canopy gain since it was previously used primarily for timber harvesting. 

The property is located along a portion of future Reedy Creek Greenway, but does not contain trail network and is not currently open to the public.   ​​​