City Properties

​​​​​​​City properties for sale

​The City of Charlotte owns properties throughout the City and in surrounding Mecklenburg County, both for use by City functions and the public. The Real Estate division of General Services is the single point of contact for citizen inquiries about any property owned by the City.

When properties are no longer needed for City use, the Real Estate division is tasked with the sale or transfer of these surplus ​properties. Properties will be advertised to the public and sold through a bid process, subject to City Council approval. More detail on the bidding process can be found in the property resources section below.  

The properties listed on this webpage reflect the current inventory of City-owned surplus properties. The map below shows the status of all properties for sale. The complete color-coded legend is located on the map toolbar.​​

For more information about leasing one of the City's retail spaces, please contact:

Dave Allison, NAI Southern 


To obtain the Offer Form and ​Guide to purchase City Properties, please contact City Real Estate. You may also request one with the Portfolio Manager handling your request.


Asset Management, Real Estate Division
General Services
Ebony Wells

​Property listings

8897 Brookstead Drive, Charlotte, NC 28215111-343-48For saleR-3approx. 1.00Pending AppraisalVacantN/A
7420 Bondhaven Drive, Charlotte, NC 28215111-308-62For saleR-3approx. 0.976Pending AppraisalVacantN/A
9903 Paper Tree Road, Charlotte, NC 28215111-104-88For saleR-3approx. .094Pending AppraisalVacantN/A
8212 White Ash Ct., Charlotte NC 28227197-172-51For SaleR-3approx. 0.715$24,000.00VacantN/A
10725 Starwood Ave., Charlotte NC 28215105-271-17For SaleR-3approx. 0.190$17,500.00VacantN/A
4416 Lazy Drive, Charlotte NC 28215105-251-24For SaleR-30.681$15,000.00Vacant - LandlockedN/A
4332 and 4364 Dianne Drive 105-181-42 and 105-184-45Offer Made - Sale PendingR-32.376$83,150.00Vacantn/a
3025 and 2823 Windsor Chase Drive, Matthews, NC 2810519346122 and 19346199Offer Made - Sale PendingR-92.232$73,125.00VacantN/A
5430 and 5426 Starflower Drive Charlotte NC11152137 & 11152138Sale Pending - Approved for Affordable HomesR-3Combined 0.909Pending AppraisalVacantN/A
8398 Silver Maple Lane Charlotte NC 28227197-172-52Sale Pending - Bid ApprovedR3approx 0.715$24,000.00VacantN/A
Ridgewell Ct. and Teeter Drive, Charlotte NC 28215111-065-95SoldR-3approx. 1.178$39,000.00SoldN/A