City Properties

7420 Bondhaven Drive, Charlotte, NC 28215

Vacant Property located at 7420 Bondhaven Drive, Charlotte NC 28215

The City of Charlotte is disposing of an undeveloped parcel (tax ID number 111-308-62), containing ±42,514 SQ or  ±0.976-acre site located in Charlotte South Submarket, at 7420 Bondhaven Drive, Charlotte NC. This parcel is perfectly located and close to a well maintained neighborhood.

The parcel is currently zoned R-3 (residential) according to the Charlotte Zoning Ordinance. The development that can occur on the property must be consistent with the approved site plan unless it is rezoned. It is the responsibility of the interested party to ensure land use compatibility for the property with their intended use.

The City of Charlotte is in the process of  having an appraisal done for parcel 111-308-62. The value is pending. Bids should reflect the value of the properties.

​​​​For information on purchasing property from the City of Charlotte, please refer to How to purchase property from the city

7420 Bondhaven satellite image

7420 Bondhaven zoning map