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​​Environmental services​​​

This team supports the environmental expenses incurred by the City due to the ownership of buildings and property. Projects supported include the management of former City landfills, asbestos-in-buildings surveys, Phase l Property Audits, environmental site assessments to support Economic Development projects, rapid response to discovered environmental contamination, state/federal EPA reporting obligations, and the remediation of contaminated properties.​

View some of our recent environmental projects below​.​​


Diesel tank replacement​​​

Environmental Services designed and managed the replacement of the large diesel underground storage tank system at the North Davidson CATS facility. The previous fuel system, consisting of six underground storage tanks, was effectively removed and remediated to North Carolina Department of Environmental Quality standards. The four new, 40,000-gallon tanks meet and exceed those standards and are the largest in the City fleet.

Getting Charlotte ready for electric vehicles

In an effort to prepare the City of Charlotte for the influx of electric vehicles (EVs), Environmental Services has partnered with the Neighborhood and Business Services' sustainability team to make the city EV-ready. Environmental Services manages the installation, maintenance and monitoring of all EV chargers that are owned and operated by the City of Charlotte. Work is also underway to amend the zoning ordinance to expand EV charger locations and change parking rules that favor EVs in designated parking spaces. We have been partnering with Duke Energy and various nonprofits to educate the public about EVs and expand their adoption across the state.

Gimme back my bullets!

With more than 1,800 sworn police officers who receive continual training, the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department  goes through thousands of pounds of bullets. Environmental Services managed the reclamation of approximately 250,000 pounds of lead from CMPD's pistol firing range and transported them to a local recycler.

Training ground for the Charlotte Fire Department 

Environmental Services worked with the Charlotte Fire Department to transform structures identified for demolition into training ground for firefighters. Some structures were burned, while others provided training for roof venting, simulated rescues and breaching. Older buildings are cleared of asbestos, along with a clearance letter and written authorization from Environmental Services before being used for training.​​


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Environmental Program Manager
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