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The Charlotte Fire Department has a rich history, from bucket brigades to modern firefighting techniques.

Charlotte grew up in the textile industry, which was vulnerable to fire. Fire was a big danger in the industry, due to lint, dust and combustible materials associated with production.

The first mention of the fire service in Charlotte records came in 1845, when the Board of Aldermen approved payment for repairs to a fire engine. In 1875, the Charlotte Fire Department was officially formed, although the fire service in the Queen City existed for decades before that.

We are fortunate to have detailed information about the role of the fire department throughout Charlotte history. Today, four fire stations are designated historic landmarks, and the department has antique trucks and photos going back hundreds of years.

Click here for a summary of CFD history, compiled for the department's yearbook.

Find out more about the history of the Charlotte Fire Department by clicking on the links below. Trail of History is a documentary about the fire department, produced by the Central Piedmont Community College Department of History.

Trail of History Part 1 on Vimeo.

Trail of History Part 2 on Vimeo.


Firefighters are some of the only workers in the world who live at their jobs. In Charlotte, firefighters work 24-hour shifts for a total of approximately 11 full days a month. During those days, the fire stations are their living rooms, kitchens, bedrooms and, of course, their base of operations for the important job of fighting fires, responding to medical emergencies, and protecting lives and property.

Click on the links below to watch Home Away From Home: Charlotte's Historic Fire Stations and learn more about living at work in our incredible and historic stations.  

Home Away From Home: Charlotte's Historic Fire Stations (Part I) on Vimeo.

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