​The Charlotte Fire Department Training Division serves a diverse workforce of more than 1,100 members. 

Each training officer is responsible for specific training disciplines. The division is charged with the responsibility of providing initial recruit training and certification, fire, rescue, and EMS continuing-education training and re-certification.

The training division is also responsible for providing specialized training such as Urban Search and Rescue collapse rescue training, dive rescue training, confined space training, Hazardous Materials Technician, swift water rescue, rescue technician, Emergency Medical Technician training and more. To accomplish its mission, the training division partners with Central Piedmont Community College (CPCC), the Office of the State Fire Marshal, the University of North Carolina at Charlotte (UNCC), and the City of Charlotte training team.

Recruit Training

After a lengthy application process, which can take between six and nine months or longer, it is considered a significant accomplishment to receive an appointment to the Charlotte Fire Department Training Academy.  Recruit Training lasts for a period of 26 weeks, during which recruits receive entry-level pay. A Training Officer is assigned to each recruit class to be a leader, mentor, and to assist with anything the recruits may need.  The Training Officer also facilitates physical fitness training for recruits, which is required during the duration of recruit training.

During the 26 weeks in the academy, recruits receive initial  training in at least four disciplines which include Firefighting, Rescue, Haz-Mat, and Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) training.  Recruits receive the following certifications: NC Fire Fighter, NC HazMat Ops, NC Technical Rescuer, NC TR Vehicle, and NC EMT.

After successfully completing recruit training, each recruit is assigned to a fire company.  As rookie firefighters, they will have plenty of opportunities to put their training to the test under the direction of their fire captain and senior firefighters. During the next several months and years to come, they will receive invaluable firefighting experience to assist them in serving the population of Charlotte. 

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