Fire and Life Safety Education

​The objective of this program is to provide in-depth fire prevention educational information to children and young adults and his/her family. 

​​This program is a standardized, age-appropriate lesson plan presented to children 16 and under who have shown curiosity toward fire or who have started fires. Students and their families are provided with the knowledge and materials to protect themselves from future fire incidents.  Parents/guardians are required to attend with their children.

Programs are held on a monthly basis by NC Certified Fire & Life Safety Educators. Children can be referred to the program by family, school, police or fire officials, court or other community members.  Members of the Youth Burn & Fire Safety Committee annually review the program and address trends, challenges and changes in the program. The committee comprises:

  • Fire & Life Safety Educators
  • Fire Investigators
  • Police Detectives
  • Private Psychologists
  • Social Service Representatives
  • Mental Health Representatives
  • Juvenile Court Counselors
  • Charlotte-Mecklenburg School Counselors

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Fire Investigations