Fire and Life Safety Education

Meet Blaze!

Blaze, the Charlotte Fire Department Mascot, debuted Friday, Oct. 1, 2004 with a warm welcome from his friends at Dilworth Elementary School.  His goal is to represent the Charlotte Fire Department and remind everyone to be "Stay Safe, Be Safe" all year!

Blaze supports the members of the Charlotte Fire Department Fire Education Division promote their mission of fire and life safety education.

Blaze visits schools, businesses and events. He walks in parades with the Charlotte Fire Department, and he loves meeting new friends.

For further information or questions about a Blaze appearance  click here to fill out the Fire Education Program Request Form.

Please note: The Blaze image is copyrighted and may not be reproduced without express permission of the Charlotte Fire Department.

About Blaze:

  • Breed:  Dalmatian

  • Birthday: Oct. 1, 2004

  • Height: 6 feet 4 inches

  • Weight: 185 pounds

  • Home:  Fire Station One, "The Big House"

  • School:  CFD Training Academy

  • Job: Charlotte Fire Department Mascot

  • Favorite Color: Fire Engine Red

  • Favorite Song: "Who Let the Dogs Out"

  • Favorite Book: "Clifford the Firehouse Dog"

  • Favorite Food: Firehouse Chili

  • Favorite Movie:  101 Dalmatians