Fire Prevention Bureau

This form below shall be completed and submitted when any fire and life-safety or fire protection system is taken out of service for purposes of repair, additions or upgrades, etc. If routine annual testing of systems will require systems being placed in "test" with the central monitoring station, this is considered an impairment. 

When systems are out of service, you must follow some guidelines established in the North Carolina Fire Code, and you must also establish a "fire watch" to patrol all affected system outages as indicated. The documents below will assist you.

IMPORTANT: You must still notify your central monitoring station and advise them of the impairment, off-line, or "test" condition. When the system is placed back in service, make an immediate return call notifying them the system is back on line.
If you are unable to complete the electronic form below, you may contact our Impairment Hotline at 704-353-0970 to register your impairment.

Click here to fill out the Fire Alarm System Impairment form.

Fire Watch Guidelines

Fire Watch Log