Fire Prevention Bureau

Requirements for Fire Lanes

Fire lanes are required when access by Charlotte Fire Department apparatus may be obstructed or delayed in the event of an emergency. The requirement for fire lanes may originate due to a recent access issue, or when a fire official has determined that a fire lane is necessary, either during a routine fire inspection, or during the plans review process for new commercial properties.

Fire Lane Marking and Signage Specifications

When it is deemed that fire lanes are required, they must be installed in accordance with the Charlotte Fire Department's specifications, as established in the documents below. It shall be the sole responsibility of the property owner or their designee for the installation and maintenance of fire lanes. Once the fire lanes are installed and approved by our office, their location will be placed in a data base so that both the Charlotte Mecklenburg Police Department and the Charlotte Fire Department can issue citations to vehicles illegally parked in fire lanes.

It is important to note that fire lanes that do not meet the Fire Department's guidelines, and that have not been approved by our office, are not allowed and no citation can be issued. 

Contact the Charlotte Fire Department Fire Prevention Bureau at 704-336-2101 if you have any questions.