Employment Opportunities

About the Written Assessment

The Charlotte Fire Department only accepts applications online during a designated window of time each year, usually in the fall.


The Written Assessment (Basic Skills) Exam is currently closed at this time.  Please watch Charlottefire.org for updated information.

The firefighter exam is designed to assess:

  • How well you observe things and how well you remember what you observed

  • Your ability to listen to and understand complex spoken instructions

  • Your ability to read with understanding

  • Your basic computational skills

  • Your ability to understand the mechanical relationships between objects

  • Personal factors related to such areas as teamwork, perseverance, and motivation

Preparation Information:

The Charlotte Fire Department has an audio file and accompanying preparation guide with more information about the exam. Read through the guide and listen to the audio file (below) to learn more about the assessment and how best to prepare. Click here or on the image below to view and download the guide.

Examination Preparation Guide