CFD In the Community

This fall, the Charlotte Fire Department will conduct its first ever citizen fire academy. This program is designed for people who have a genuine desire to learn more about the daily lives of professional firefighters, who want to heighten their awareness regarding fire and life safety, and who wish to enhance their knowledge of the fire service industry. This program will provide its participants with a rich learning environment that will afford them with an in-depth view of the Charlotte Fire Department services and capabilities. In addition, participants will have the opportunity to perform various skills of a professional firefighter.


The Purpose of The Citizen's Academy

Our goal is to teach every participant of the multitude of services and capabilities of the Charlotte Fire Department (CFD) and provide them with a clear understanding of our commitment to service. We will encourage our participants to share their experiences in the program and deliver our message of fire and life safety awareness to their families and friends — we want our message to be contagious.

The program is open to adults 18 years-old or older who are residents of the City of Charlotte. The program graduates will receive a certificate of completion upon successful completion the program. There is no charge to the participants; all materials are provided.


Who will be the Instructors?

All instructors in the program are members of the CFD and are committed to providing the best learning experience. Each of our instructors are certified firefighters and certified in their field(s) of expertise.


The Selection Process

Citizens are selected based on demographics and the citizen's ability to reach other members in their community. In preparing for the citizen fire academy, efforts will be made to include members of the educational, religious, and business community. Candidates are subject to a general background check and will be contacted to ensure that they are familiar with the program and the time commitment involved.

It is imperative for the participants to realize that the Citizens Fire Academy is a learning experience. It is not intended to train them to become firefighters or to assist at a fire.

Measuring the Academy's Success

In order to keep the citizen fire academy informative and interesting, we encourage participants to critique the program throughout its entirety. Enhancements to the program will be implemented based on the feedback received from the participants.

Students are encouraged to participate in all practical demonstrations and to interact with the instructors and one another.


Schedule of Classes

We will cover a lot over the course of 9 weeks. Listed below is a program schedule and a short description for each class.   Beginning September 27th classes will meet every week other than the week of Thanksgiving, culminating the week of November 29th for graduation


                                                                                              Week # 1

Program Introduction

In this class, we will get to know one another and learn about the rich history of the Charlotte Fire Department. You will also learn about what it takes to become a Charlotte Firefighter and the training it entails.

Location: Fire Training Academy                                       Class Duration: 3 hours



                                                                                                    Week # 2

Fire Department Apparatus, Tools and Equipment Familiarization

In this class, you will become familiar with the various fire apparatus, tools and equipment utilized by firefighters. In addition, there will be demonstrations of the tools and equipment and opportunities for you to gain hands on experience utilizing the tools and equipment during group exercises.  

Location: Fire Training Academy                                       Class Duration: 3 hours



                                                                                                Week # 3

Fire Communication / Fire Investigation / Fire Prevention  

In this class, you will visit the fire communications center and learn how 911 emergency calls are processed then dispatched to the fire stations. You will also visit the Fire Investigation Task Force and Fire Prevention divisions. During your lesson at the Fire investigation Task Force Division, you will learn about the investigation of arson fires and the legal proceedings that follow. Lastly, you will visit the Fire Prevention Division and learn about how the general-public is kept safe from the threats of fire through the efforts fire prevention. 

Location: CFD Headquarters                                         Class Duration: 3 hours



                                                                                                   Week # 4

EMS Operations

In this class, you will learn about the emergency medical technician (EMT) skills each CFD firefighter must possess to treat the patients they may encounter during medical emergencies. You will also have an opportunity to perform CPR and utilize an AED.

Location: Fire Training Academy                                           Class Duration: 3 hours



                                                                                                  Week # 5

Active Shooter and Police Assist Company Response and Preparedness

In this class, you will learn about the CFD's Police Assist Companies, how they assist CMPD, CFD's response and preparedness for incidents involving an active shooter, and how to control the bleeding of a victim who has sustained a traumatic injury involving severe and uncontrolled bleeding.  

Location: Fire Training Academy                                           Class Duration: 3 hours



                                                                                               Week # 6

CFD Rescue Capabilities

In this class, you will learn about the CFD's capabilities regarding special rescue situations that involve water, structural collapse, confined spaces, and high and low angle rescues.

Location: Fire Training Academy                                           Class Duration: 3 hours



                                                                                               Week # 7

Hazardous Materials Response

In this class, you will learn about the CFD's capabilities to mitigate incidents involving the unintentional or malicious release of deadly chemicals. Demonstrations will be conducted to show the unique tools and equipment used by CFD hazmat members.

                                                                                                    Class Duration: 3 hours



                                                                                              Week # 8

ARFF – Aircraft Rescue and Firefighting

In this class, you will learn about aircraft rescue and firefighting operations at the Charlotte Douglas Airport. During your time in class, your instructor will teach you about the various apparatus and equipment to fight fires involving aircraft emergencies. There will also be a live fire demonstration with the ARFF training simulator.

Location: Airport – Fire Station # 41                                      Class Duration: 3 hours



                                                                                             Week # 9

Graduation Ceremony

We will end the program with a graduation ceremony. The Fire Chief and members of his command staff will be in attendance to present a certificate of completion to each participant. Dinner will be served following the ceremony. Participants are encouraged to invite their family and friends to celebrate their accomplishment.

Location: Fire Station # 38                                                        Class Duration: 3 hours

​To apply please fill out the application by clicking on this hyperlink

Applications close August 31st at 11:59PM


If you have any questions feel free to contact:

Battalion Chief Kelvin Brim

704 200-8889


Battalion Chief Brandon Caputo

704 791-4308