General Services


General Services divisions


Building Services Division


William Haas, PE, Division Manager

Provides professional, administrative and technical work for City-owned buildings and landscaping, including the following:

  • City property grounds beautification and maintenance
  • Maintenance services for 170 City-owned buildings
  • Construction administration and management of all City-owned and -financed building projects such as the NASCAR Hall of Fame
  • Overall management and maintenance for the Government Plaza

Business Services Division

Mike Nail, Division Manager
Provides business support services to divisions of General Services and its customers, including the following:
  • Contract management
  • Communications
  • Finance/budget
  • Human resources
  • Information services
  • Safety
  • Surveying and mapping

Engineering and Project Management Division

Veronica Wallace, Division Manager
​Engineering and Project Management oversees and manages the scope, schedule, cost, quality and construction of a broad spectrum of transportation, sidewalk, environmental and neighborhood projects. It provides in-house design for minor roadway projects.  

Chris Trull, Division Manager

​​The asset management facility for the City of Charlotte that operates at five maintenance facilities, a commission/decommission (CDC) facility and ​maintains more than 6,500 pieces of City and County equipment.​ ​

Landscape Management Division

Quin Hall, Division Manager
Works closely with engineering services to coordinate the design of landscaping projects on Charlotte roadways and neighborhood improvement projects. The division is also responsible for grass media and right-of-way maintenance; street tree pruning, planning and maintenance; managing the City's seven cemeteries and tree management.

Land Development Division

David Weekly, Division Manager

Reviews and inspects residential subdivisions and commercial development projects in order to ensure compliance with various City ordinances and standards. Division staff consists of engineers, site inspectors, urban foresters, erosion control specialists, zoning reviewers and administrative staff.

Real Estate Services Division

Tony Korolos, Division Manager

Manages and acquires property and serves at the City's expert for all real estate issues. This division advises the mayor, City Council, City departments and the public about City-owned property. Staff analyzes existing facilities and sites to maximize the value of the City’s assets. They also acquire all of the necessary land rights needed for public works projects such as roads, sidewalks, light rail and storm water improvements. The real estate team has expertise in acquisitions, appraisals, disposition, relocations, leasing, title research and negotiations. 

Storm Water Services Division

Kruti Desai, Division Manager

​Improves water quality and reduces flood risks for all residents of Charlotte and Mecklenburg County. The division monitors pollution, educates residents about pollution and flood risk, restores stream channels, maps floodplains and installs, upgrades and maintains storm drains and pipes.