Tree management

Tree management

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Caring for your treesCaring for your trees
City tree maintenance and plantingCity tree maintenance and planting
Storms and your treesStorms and your trees
Report damaged or dangerous treesReport damaged or dangerous trees
Working around treesWorking around trees

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A staff of highly qualified arborists monitors the health of Charlotte's dense tree canopy for which Charlotte is known. This division provides the following key services: ​ 

  • Street tree pruning

  • Inventory of street trees

  • Street tree selection and planting to replace dead or diseased trees

  • Preservation of public and private trees on Capital Improvement Projects for the City

  • Design and implementation of planted medians and intersections

  • Partnership with TreesCharlotte to reach the 50 x 50 goal

Learn more about how Charlotte builds and preserves our tree canopy in City of Trees on Charlotte's blog.