Charlotte-Mecklenburg ​WebEOC

The Charlotte-Mecklenburg instance of WebEOC serves as the region's primary, cloud-based, situational awareness and resource management tool, supporting planned and unplanned events throughout the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Urban Area Security Initiative's (UASI) ten (10) county service area. 

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Emergency Management serves as the system administrator and coordinates all training and support initiatives. 

The Charlotte-Mecklenburg instance of WebEOC will serve as the primary situational awareness platform and system of record for the 2020 Republican National Convention (RNC) in Charlotte, August 24 through August 27, 2020. 

Existing Users

Visit Charlotte-Mecklenburg WebEOC to log on to the system with your existing credentials.

For account assistance, such as a password reset or locked account access, please complete a formal request for account assistance

New Users

If you are an individual representing your agency during planned events, during an emergency response and/or if you are assigned to support Republic National Convention (RNC) 2020 efforts, you may be eligible for access to the Charlotte-Mecklenburg WebEOC system. 

To request access to the system, please complete an access request form and a member of our team will contact you with additional details. 

Please allow up to 48 hours for our team to respond to requests. If you are deployed or activated for an emergency response or if this is an urgent matter, please contact the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Emergency Management (CMEMO) on-call number at (704) 336-2412.

Training Opportunities

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Emergency Management is currently developing training opportunities for all users of the Charlotte-Mecklenburg WebEOC system. As training opportunities become available, information will be included in this section with links to virtual training opportunities and on-site training registration.