Special Needs Registry

​Special Needs Registry

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Emergency Management (CMEMO) has developed a registration opportunity for those who are homebound or have disabilities that require assistance for evacuation. Healthcare needs such as use of oxygen, respirator/ventilator, wheelchair, animal assistance, visually impaired, hard of hearing, speech impaired, or cognitively or developmentally delayed meet this criteria.

Registration is voluntary. During emergencies registrants will be prioritized for assistance according to the size and location of the emergency and potential limited resources available. Registering should be done along with preparedness measures. When you are registered through CMEMO's Special Needs Registry, your specific needs will be available to first responders in the event of a disaster or emergency in and around your geographic location.

​Register for the Special Needs Registry

We are currently in the process of redesigning our online form and will have it available here soon. In the meantime, if you would like to register for the Special Needs Registry, please e-mail charmeckem@charlottenc.gov and indicate your interest in registering.