Development & Redevelopment

Development & Redevelopment

We take great pride in our success in bringing together public and private resources to create a quality of life in which residents and businesses thrive.  We are driven to make Charlotte competitive in the global market  and facilitate an environment through which all residents have opportunities for economic success.  Through matching grant programs, we have invested significant effort and resources into revitalizing distressed commercial corridors.  We also enjoy a strong reputation for creating effective public-private partnerships and collaboration with a variety of non-profit agencies to enhance the business climate and support existing Charlotte businesses. 

Business Investment Grant 

Businesses seeking to relocate to Charlotte or expand their existing operations in Charlotte could be eligible for a grant through the City’s Business Investment Grant (BIG)  program. Our BIG program, which aligns with other local initiatives, provides grants to eligible businesses based upon the amount of property tax generated by the private business investment and jobs created.  

To qualify for a BIG, a company must commit to making new taxable capital investment and creating a specified number of jobs at required wage levels as outlined in our program policy. Additionally, the company must demonstrate competition from other cities and whether the company’s planned relocation or expansion is a realistic choice given the company’s product and market. 

Contact Lori Lencheski to  find out if your company operates within an industry cluster that is eligible for this grant opportunity. Companies locating in the adopted Business Investment Zone (BIZ) will be eligible for a 90 percent grant and if outside the zone, a 50 percent grant will be considered. The adopted zone includes the following areas:

  • Center City
  • Business Corridor Revitalization
  • Transit Station Areas
  • Arrowood-Westinghouse Industrial Area
  • University Research Park
  • Tyvola Road Area

Grant recipients will be encouraged to hire residents of Mecklenburg County and to use local small, minority and women-owned businesses as vendors when available at competitive prices.