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​UrbanMain: Beatties Ford/LaSalle

​Every neighborhood has an identity that lives at the intersection of its people, places and natural environment. Within these neighborhoods, public spaces emerge - oftentimes along the neighborhood's main street - that become a symbol of vitality and pride.

These areas often develop naturally as small businesses, parks, churches, schools and other community common spaces take on the personality of the neighborhood. The National Main Street Center (NMSC) helps communities realize their full economic and cultural potential by creating community-driven strategies to breathe new life into these existing spaces.

The City of Charlotte is partnering with the NMSC, through its UrbanMain program, and West Charlotteans to help reimagine the area surrounding the intersection at Beatties Ford Road and LaSalle Street. The project limits extend from St. Luke Street to Gilbert Street along Beatties Ford Road. This strip of Main Street in the West Charlotte community is rich in history, making it the perfect location to become a symbol of present-day prosperity, and an inspiration for Charlotte's future.

More About the Project

presentation during the UrbanMain Beatties Ford/LaSalle kickoff meeting, held on October 23, shared data about the study corridor and information on UrbanMain’s Four Points Approach. Continue to check this page for further.

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