Development & Redevelopment

Eastland Mall Redevelopment Updates

In response to the findings of the Phase 1 report, the Economic Development Committee charged City staff with partnering with a developer, or developers, on any further design and due diligence efforts. We consider these efforts, many of which were outlined as Phase 2 activities, to be essential to achieving the redevelopment principles created by the community. The increased interest in the project is seen as a positive outcome of Phase 1 work. While no formal development commitments are in place, the City is encouraged by the level of interest being expressed through conversations with large and small development entities. The City is undergoing discussions with several members of the development community regarding a partnership arrangement.  Examples of the concepts discussed in these meetings include the following:

  • Mixed-use concepts driven by residential uses and a limited mix of restaurant, retail, and office space.
  • Multi-use concept anchored by amateur sports facilities accompanied with a limited mix of residential and commercial uses.
  • Multi-use concept focusing on a mix of health and wellness, residential, commercial, and educational/non-profit uses.

While it is too early to present a master plan or fully defined redevelopment framework, City Staff will present their recommended development partner to City Council this Spring (exact date TBD).  The City will work with the selected development team to analyze the appropriate site development requirements and the uses that best align with the Principles for Redevelopment established by the community.


Interested development partners should contact Todd DeLong at for more information on the property and the redevelopment process.