Development & Redevelopment


​Current Concept Plan

In September 2014, the City reorganized to develop a new strategy for redeveloping the property.  The City worked with the Eastland Area Strategy Team (EAST) community group, a volunteer board comprised of local business people, non-profits, and neighborhood representatives to develop a set of guiding principles to help refocus the property’s redevelopment.  These community-based principles include:

  • Enhancing the perceptions of the Eastland Area and East Charlotte
  • Unifying local communities
  • Creating connectivity and walkability for surrounding neighborhoods
  • Taking advantage of natural features
  • Creating opportunity for civic development
Previous studies of the site indicated an opportunity for services mixed among recreational, civic, and leisure amenities in a high-quality pedestrian-oriented environment.  A new focus on a different concept for the site included a series of interviews with potential partners (e.g. YMCA, Arts and Science Council, Charlotte-Mecklenburg Library, etc.) to gauge their space needs and interest in the Eastland Mall location.  In February 2015, staff developed a conceptual plan demonstrating a high-quality pedestrian-oriented environment with a mix of civic uses (park and K-8 school) and private redevelopment with the following goals:

  • Market (and Social) Driven Placemaking. While civic components are a major element of the revised plan, the concept ultimately relies on a market-driven approach to redevelopment.   It envisions the site developed in a manner consistent with the Eastland Area Plan and the community-driven guiding principles (e.g. walkable, inviting public spaces, connections to greenways, mix of uses, etc.) thereby re-establishing this site as the place to see and be seen.  Successful redevelopment of this property will not be determined solely by the activity or the product built on the site. The ensuing catalytic impact on adjacent properties and along one of Charlotte's most treasured corridors will ultimately determine its success.
  • Transit Oriented Development. Transportation improvements began on the mall site in 2006 with the opening of a Charlotte Area Transit System (CATS) Transit Center, serving four bus routes.  The transit center will also serve as the final stop of a future phase of CityLynx Gold Line , a 10-mile streetcar system connecting Charlotte's central business district and will be an economic development driver focusing on growth along key corridors. 
  • Stormwater as an Amenity. A stormwater management amenity is envisioned to comply with environmental ordinances as well as provide a recreational opportunity and aesthetically pleasing focal point on the property.  The current concept integrates a stormwater detention facility/water amenity into a larger park area with walking trails to serve the community. More modern, sustainable, and attractive stormwater facilities could expand this concept to improve the system's functionality  and enhance the property's appeal.
Interested development partners should contact Todd DeLong at for more information on the property and the redevelopment process.