Development & Redevelopment


Guiding Principles of Development

The revised conceptual plan for redeveloping the former Eastland Mall property is guided by several principles developed in collaboration with the Eastland Area Strategy Team (EAST), a local volunteer organization.  The principles include:

Enhancing the Perceptions of the Eastland Area and East Charlotte:  Attract visitors from other areas with unique opportunities for employment, housing, retail, cultural activities, entertainment and quality of life/wellness.

Unifying Local Communities:  Provide retail and service amenities for local residents of all demographics (e.g., grocery store, coffee shop, bookstore, restaurants); build on the existing trends of the east side’s cultural diversity and international communities.

Creating Connectivity and Walkability for Surrounding Neighborhoods:  Integrate development into the existing Central Avenue corridor; promote connectivity to downtown by strengthening the relationship to mass transit options; increase safety through active streets.

Taking Advantage of Natural Features:  Develop dedicated and flexible open space to include restoration and/or development of existing natural water feature to reinforce natural site connections, marketability and quality of life.

Creating Opportunity for Civic Development:  Incorporate school, community center, athletic and recreation facilities such as “Express YMCA”.

The City is currently analyzing alternative strategies to solicit interest from the development community.  Interested development partners should contact Todd DeLong at for more information on the property and the redevelopment process.